“A lonely Woman ” The script & Synopsis

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The following post displays a crucial phase of the pre-production process.
At this stage, the brainstorming and mood boards have defined the style and direction of the project’s outcome.
The script is vital in order to have a clear vision on how to realise and plan the photoshoot.

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Tarantino, Scorsese, Munch

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Sin City

The brief stated that only black and white compositions with the use of spot colour were allowed, that was enought for me to make a connection with one of my favourite movie:
Sin City. Sin City with his signature style has played an essential role in defining the outcome of my project.

The aforementioned movie is based on a series of neo-noir comics created by Frank Miller. The motion picture was directed by Robert Rodriguez with the collaboration of  Quentin Tarantino as a special guest director.

Sin City
Miller, Frank, Robert Rodriguez, and Quentin Tarantino. Sin City. United States: Troublemaker Studios, Dimension Films, 2005. film.

The film, in my opinion is an outstanding modern representation of the  noir genre that was popular in during the great depression in America between the early 1940s – late 1950s.

Taxi Driver.

Taxi Driver
Scorsese, Martin. Taxi Driver. United States: Italo/Judeo Productions, 1976. film.

Taxi Driver is another  great movie with neo-noir elements by Martin Scorsese that has inspired me in the realisation of this project.

The above movies were an essential input for the outcome of the project, they’ve provided me  inspiration  and an opportunity to expand my perspective while researching on related topics topics such as:

  • Graphic novel
  • Neo-noir
  • Film Noir America popular during the great depression – early 40s late 50s. Originated from
  • German expressionist cinematography and art.


I have researched the American film noir and came across the genre that generated it:

The German expressionism 

   -The Cabinet of Dr Caligari.

The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari
Wiene, Robert. The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari. Weimar Republic: Decla-Bioscop, 1920. film.

The above movie is a silent horror film; it is a story of a hypnotist who uses a somnambulist to commit murders. The movie is considered by many one of the first horror movies and has a significant influence in the American film noir.


Munch, Edvard. The Scream. Oslo, Norway: National Gallery, 1893. Print.

The scream.

The expressionist artists believed that art should be seen as a manifestation of the artist’s feelings and should not be employed merely to depict the external visual world.

The Scream by Edward Munch is one of the most recognisable instances of expressionism. Munch throughout his career emphasises agony and anxiety.

“Expressionism Movement, Artists And Major Works”. The Art Story. N.p., 2017. Web. 24

BBC Radio 1

MS4101 Sound Project

BBC Radio 1  played an essential role in defining the outcome of my project.
The Radio 1 interviews inspired me both in terms of sound quality standards and content of the interviews.

I have decided to create a fictional radio station and interview a celebrity. The interview focuses on how hard is for a celebrity to manage time while on tour as the brief stated that our project should disclose the concept of time.

The Object.


In this movie, the concept of time plays a central part.


People are born with a digital clock on their forearm that reminds them how much time they have left. Time is a currency, and to live longer, you must be able to afford to buy more.

The ideas portrayed in the above movie inspired me to design a film focused on the concept of the time as it is intrinsic with profound significance.
In my opinion, the idea of time depicted as a currency may also be employed to summarise our present, real world, as the majority of people are excessively occupied trying to advance with their carrier and selling their time in exchange for work.

If people weren’t required to sell their time, they would engage in different activities such as: spending time with the people they love or by pursuing their true passions rather than be continuously in a rat race.

All the concept above were crucial for the outcome of our brainstorming session and the preproduction phase. The aim of our project is to represent someone constantly on the go, enslaved by the time that it does not own, hence why the clock was chosen as our primary object.


(In Time. U.S.A: Andrew Niccol,20th Century Fox, 2011. film.)


Behind The Scenes. Location, Weather, Light.




The above pictures were taken by me utilising a Google Pixel XL.
The majority of the movie was recorded in central London as our intent is to represent a person living in a metropolis.
The theme of our project is the concept of time and the object chosen is the clock.
The scenes in central London were an essential medium to portray and display a  fast paced city populated by constantly busy people.
The weather forecast was regularly checked by the team members in the pursuit of organising the recording sessions on a sunny day as the direction and intensity of the available light has a critical influence on the outcome of the scenes.
The scenes that were recorded at the Big Ben employed the use of front light to eliminate the majority of shadows.
The GoPro Hero 4 was set with a higher ISO to optimise its recording of a moving subject.