Logo Development


The following post is intended to reveal how the blogs logo came to life.

The Logo is a graphic emblem used to promote instant recognition of an organisation, company or product.

The design of my logo was heavily inspired by the 35mm camera film shape and the movie coil as in my opinion they portray the essence of media and its story.

I found quite interesting the classic “out of signal ” screen and wanted do develop my logo following that colour palette but overlaying shapes and type on top of it has generated unsatisfactory resoults.

The font 

2017-05-01 (11)

The Font chosen for the final version of the logo is called “Halo Handletter”.

The rationale behind such decision is that my opinion the use of a handwritten font provided a personal touch and a more organic/ homemade feeling.


The logo prototypes:

The logo:

The following is the final logo.


2017-04-24 (16)


Self evaluation photography


The brief stated that the concepts of place along with the use of spot colour should be the main feature of the project.

The movie Sin City played a significant part in defining the outcome of my work. I was fascinated by the neo-noir genre and researched its origins.
The noir style originated in the early 40s as well as the German expressionism movement has profoundly influenced my photography.

My intention was to portray the neo-noir genre contaminated with the graphic novel style of storytelling.

The location chosen for the photoshoot were Shoreditch and Liverpool station as they would suit my intent of implementing noir stereotypes such as:

  • Violence that occurs at night in an urban area
  • Femme fatale
  • Darkness of plot and theme
  • The symbolism of the train station, hat and umbrella

After the above research,  I did a synopsis and storyboard of the project to aid me to visualise the composition and to optimise the planning phase.


As mentioned above the shots in the station were meant to heave significant meaning and impact in my project. However, I couldn’t take them properly as the security didn’t allow me and my model proced with the photo shoot.
The challenging part of working solo was to plan and develop the whole rationale behind the project; the editing process has also been arduous but stimulating as I didn’t have much knowledge of the Adobe Photoshop software.
I am satisfied with the outcome of the project considering my skills and the fact that I did the project by myself, however, found it difficult to keep the consistency of style across all the shots, due to time constraints. I would like to improve the look of the first two pictures and add extra detail to the others such as fog, smoke and better lighting.



“A lonely Woman ” The script & Synopsis

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The following post displays a crucial phase of the pre-production process.
At this stage, the brainstorming and mood boards have defined the style and direction of the project’s outcome.
The script is vital in order to have a clear vision on how to realise and plan the photoshoot.

2017-04-17 (26)2017-04-17 (27)

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2017-04-17 (28)

2017-04-17 (29)

2017-04-17 (30)

Production & Location

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Umbrella, Hat, coat, sunglasses, White Skirt
These objects have been chosen as they represent a stereotype of the genre.

Locations: Shoreditch and Liverpool Street station

The original plan of using a ruined building was shelved due to the technical difficulty of finding it.

The new intent of the projects was to recreate a modern version of the neo-noir genre, Shoreditch and Liverpool street seemed to be the perfect location to adopt for the photo shoot.

Despite the fact that the pictures should portray a nocturnal environment, I have decided to arrange the photo shoot in daylight to maximise the use of natural light.
The nightly environment has to be achieved utilising Adobe Photoshop.


  • The main issue occurred in the photoshoot was trying to avoid excessive people in the composition.
  • The Pictures captures in the Liverpool ST Train station left dissatisfied but I wasn’t able to take them again due to the fact that we did not had a permission and were subsequently escorted outside by the security.

Radio Take 1 Final audio file

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This is our Sound file which is a fictional radio station.
The two hosts, played by me and Ryan interview a pop star played by Andre.
The interview focuses mostly on how celebrities can manage time while on tour, as the brief stated that the project should be focused on the concept of time.
The sound of the can employed for the fictional commercial has been recorded in the studio employing a Rode microphone.
hope you enjoy it!

Research, Bibliography.


Here is a list of the most important researched material employed to craft our project.

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