Logo Development


The following post is intended to reveal how the blogs logo came to life.

The Logo is a graphic emblem used to promote instant recognition of an organisation, company or product.

The design of my logo was heavily inspired by the 35mm camera film shape and the movie coil as in my opinion they portray the essence of media and its story.

I found quite interesting the classic “out of signal ” screen and wanted do develop my logo following that colour palette but overlaying shapes and type on top of it has generated unsatisfactory resoults.

The font 

2017-05-01 (11)

The Font chosen for the final version of the logo is called “Halo Handletter”.

The rationale behind such decision is that my opinion the use of a handwritten font provided a personal touch and a more organic/ homemade feeling.


The logo prototypes:

The logo:

The following is the final logo.


2017-04-24 (16)


The app logo has been designed utilizing a simplified version of the map of the world and a colourful, bold type of font.
The logo intention is to be appealing to the 0-6 age range of kids.

Researches in the google play store were made in order to obtain inspiration regarding, colour palette and font types.
Apps like

Disney Junior Play. (2016). Disney (Version 1.2.4). Retrieved from http://play.google.com

LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise. (2016). LEGO System A/S (Version 6.1.511). Retrieved from http://play.google.com

Display that primary and warm colours combined with a simple, bold type of font are widely used.
The predominant chosen colours for the logo are Red, Orange, Yellow and Blue.
Each one of the selected colour has a purpose, which is to stimulate a feeling or a message:
Red was employed in order to represents energy, warmth and positivity.
Orange intent is to inspire creativity and enthusiasm.
Yellow’s function is to promote happiness and to represent sunshine.
Thick lines were employed in order to achieve an eye catching bold looking type of the text.


Final Logo