Production & Location

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Umbrella, Hat, coat, sunglasses, White Skirt
These objects have been chosen as they represent a stereotype of the genre.

Locations: Shoreditch and Liverpool Street station

The original plan of using a ruined building was shelved due to the technical difficulty of finding it.

The new intent of the projects was to recreate a modern version of the neo-noir genre, Shoreditch and Liverpool street seemed to be the perfect location to adopt for the photo shoot.

Despite the fact that the pictures should portray a nocturnal environment, I have decided to arrange the photo shoot in daylight to maximise the use of natural light.
The nightly environment has to be achieved utilising Adobe Photoshop.


  • The main issue occurred in the photoshoot was trying to avoid excessive people in the composition.
  • The Pictures captures in the Liverpool ST Train station left dissatisfied but I wasn’t able to take them again due to the fact that we did not had a permission and were subsequently escorted outside by the security.

Behind The Scenes. Location, Weather, Light.




The above pictures were taken by me utilising a Google Pixel XL.
The majority of the movie was recorded in central London as our intent is to represent a person living in a metropolis.
The theme of our project is the concept of time and the object chosen is the clock.
The scenes in central London were an essential medium to portray and display a  fast paced city populated by constantly busy people.
The weather forecast was regularly checked by the team members in the pursuit of organising the recording sessions on a sunny day as the direction and intensity of the available light has a critical influence on the outcome of the scenes.
The scenes that were recorded at the Big Ben employed the use of front light to eliminate the majority of shadows.
The GoPro Hero 4 was set with a higher ISO to optimise its recording of a moving subject.