Self evaluation photography


The brief stated that the concepts of place along with the use of spot colour should be the main feature of the project.

The movie Sin City played a significant part in defining the outcome of my work. I was fascinated by the neo-noir genre and researched its origins.
The noir style originated in the early 40s as well as the German expressionism movement has profoundly influenced my photography.

My intention was to portray the neo-noir genre contaminated with the graphic novel style of storytelling.

The location chosen for the photoshoot were Shoreditch and Liverpool station as they would suit my intent of implementing noir stereotypes such as:

  • Violence that occurs at night in an urban area
  • Femme fatale
  • Darkness of plot and theme
  • The symbolism of the train station, hat and umbrella

After the above research,  I did a synopsis and storyboard of the project to aid me to visualise the composition and to optimise the planning phase.


As mentioned above the shots in the station were meant to heave significant meaning and impact in my project. However, I couldn’t take them properly as the security didn’t allow me and my model proced with the photo shoot.
The challenging part of working solo was to plan and develop the whole rationale behind the project; the editing process has also been arduous but stimulating as I didn’t have much knowledge of the Adobe Photoshop software.
I am satisfied with the outcome of the project considering my skills and the fact that I did the project by myself, however, found it difficult to keep the consistency of style across all the shots, due to time constraints. I would like to improve the look of the first two pictures and add extra detail to the others such as fog, smoke and better lighting.




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