Production & Location

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Umbrella, Hat, coat, sunglasses, White Skirt
These objects have been chosen as they represent a stereotype of the genre.

Locations: Shoreditch and Liverpool Street station

The original plan of using a ruined building was shelved due to the technical difficulty of finding it.

The new intent of the projects was to recreate a modern version of the neo-noir genre, Shoreditch and Liverpool street seemed to be the perfect location to adopt for the photo shoot.

Despite the fact that the pictures should portray a nocturnal environment, I have decided to arrange the photo shoot in daylight to maximise the use of natural light.
The nightly environment has to be achieved utilising Adobe Photoshop.


  • The main issue occurred in the photoshoot was trying to avoid excessive people in the composition.
  • The Pictures captures in the Liverpool ST Train station left dissatisfied but I wasn’t able to take them again due to the fact that we did not had a permission and were subsequently escorted outside by the security.

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