Final evaluation


The brief stated that we must employ an object as the main feature of the movie.

A specific scene of the TV series MR.Robot played a significant role defining the outcome of our project.I found the concept of time and the use of clocks as portrayed in the above episode incredibly inspiring. My idea of employing time and a clock as the main themes of our movie was enthusiastically welcomed by the teammates and subsequently applied to the project. Our video displays a man who is constantly checking the time, persistently on the run trying to be on time for work, an appointment or an event.
The Pre-Production phase consisted firstly of gathering ideas for the movie via a brainstorming. Secondly, we designed a storyboard in order to visualise how the movie would unfold. Finally we planned the techniques of filming as well as defining locations and budget.
The Production Phase.
The weather forecast was regularly checked by the team members in the pursuit of organising the recording sessions on a sunny day as the direction and intensity of the available light has a critical influence on the outcome of the scenes.The recording session across central London has generated us a considerable amount of material to use in the movie.We managed to record approximately three hours of scenes and a thousand pictures.  Final Cut Pro X was applied by our team to craft the final film. The scenes in central London were an essential medium to portray and display a  fast paced city populated by constantly busy people. The final movie features scenes in slow and fast motion in order to emphasise particular segments.In my opinion, the Time-lapse technique proposed by me has significantly contributed to enhance the quality of our project as I consider it an aesthetically pleasing effect which in a way is also related to the concept of time as it summarises a long action in only a few seconds. My Go Pro Hero 4 was set to capture a picture every second with a shutter speed set to 50, and it took nearly five minutes to obtain ten seconds of video.

During the recording phase difficulties were encountered such as:

Obtaining the right intensity and direction of light, which lead to modify several setting on both cameras.

We had to consider how to record in order to avoid unneeded people in the footage as most of the scenes were recorded in central London which is a busy environment.


Post Production:

Final Cut Pro X was utilised to place the scenes in the right sequence, delete unneeded material as well as applying visual and audio effects.Visual Effects such as the stabilisation, letterbox and colour correction were employed in the pursuit of a “Film-Look” and steady scenes.

The equipment:

Panasonic SD900 Full HD 1920x1080p (50p) 3D Ready Camcorder

GoPro Hero4, GoPro Handle grip.

NTG2 Rode Microphone, Pistol Grip, Wind Shield, Boom Pole, XLR-Mini Jack 3.5mm Cable.

Manfrotto tripod: 190 Aluminium 3-Section Tripod and XPRO Ball Head,128LP Micro Fluid Video Head


My roles:

I have contributed on the project as the director, actor as well as guiding the editing process.
My duties consisted of

Providing the group with the initial input of utilising the concept of time and a clock as an object.
Defining key locations of the movie such as The Big Ben, Picadilly Circus and the final scene recorded at the UEL.
Research on movie techniques in order to obtain a “film look” such as setting the Fps, shutter speed, ISO and methodology of the Time-Lapse effect.

Being the actor.

Participating in the editing process by selecting the sequence of the scenes, generating the Time-Lapse effect, providing the non-copyrighted sound files as well as applying effects such a the letterbox and colour correction.

However, each member of the team has contributed in providing essential elements to realise the project.

I found that the above project has significantly improved my skills regarding the production, planning and techniques of filming, it was fun and exciting overall I am satisfied with the final result. However,  more time would have lead to an improved sound quality and a  more complex plot.




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