The Object.


In this movie, the concept of time plays a central part.


People are born with a digital clock on their forearm that reminds them how much time they have left. Time is a currency, and to live longer, you must be able to afford to buy more.

The ideas portrayed in the above movie inspired me to design a film focused on the concept of the time as it is intrinsic with profound significance.
In my opinion, the idea of time depicted as a currency may also be employed to summarise our present, real world, as the majority of people are excessively occupied trying to advance with their carrier and selling their time in exchange for work.

If people weren’t required to sell their time, they would engage in different activities such as: spending time with the people they love or by pursuing their true passions rather than be continuously in a rat race.

All the concept above were crucial for the outcome of our brainstorming session and the preproduction phase. The aim of our project is to represent someone constantly on the go, enslaved by the time that it does not own, hence why the clock was chosen as our primary object.


(In Time. U.S.A: Andrew Niccol,20th Century Fox, 2011. film.)



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