Editing with Final Cut Pro X


Final Cut Pro a professional non-linear video editing application that was employed to edit our project.

The recording session across central London has generated us a considerable amount of material to use on the movie.We managed to record approximately three hours of scenes and a thousand pictures. The above software was applied by our team to craft the final film.

Final Cut Pro X was utilised to place the scenes in the right sequence, delete unneeded material as well as applying visual and audio effects.Visual Effects such as the stabilisation, letterbox and colour correction were employed in the pursuit of a “Film-Look” and steady scenes.
The final movie features scenes in slow and fast motion in order to emphasise specific segments.

The above software was employed to organise the several pictures that were taken at multiple locations to reproduce a Timelapse effect.

Finally, Final Cut Pro X was applied to add background music as well as editing and synchronising the audio.


The lecturer provided us with the knowledge necessary  to operate the software, and an online tutorial was also available on the website Lynda.com

lynda.com. 2017. Lynda.com . [ONLINE] Available at: https://www.lynda.com/Final-Cut-Pro-tutorials/Welcome/371691/385469-4.html?autoplay=true. [Accessed 23 January 2017].


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