The application intent is to inform the children about funny facts regarding the world’s most famous landmarks and to display the most significant animals across the five continents.
Animals will positioned in their original continents and a click on their silhouette will reproduce its sound.
The map of the world is an essential element of the application as most of the user interaction will take place on this screen.
In order to make the map appealing to kids colourful design was employed such as
cartoonized  icons , warm and primary colours.

The following slide show is intended to display how the map has evolved from it’s initial prototype, and how certain details of the map were created.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The final prototype of the map has been shown to a four years old child (a group members’ daughter) in order to get data and suggestion in terms of design and interactivity.
The map was designed utilizing  a vector graphic software (Adobe Illustrator). Vector files were employed, providing  images that could be resized and cropped without loss of quality.


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