GoYo !


Is an app designed for children aged 1 to 6 and its main focus  is to introduce basic, simple knowledge regarding geography, landmarks and animal habitats in a fun and exciting way.

Colourful design, animal sounds and a cartoonized characters are going to be employed  in order to engage the youngster and to stimulate their imagination.

The app will be named GoYo, it’s meaning is to go and explore. The design of the logo will be made using coloured fonts on a world map background.

The game

A vivid map of the world displaying basic information i.e. the 7 seas, the continents and their corresponding landmarks and animals.

The user will navigate and interact with the world utilizing the protagonist (a whale).
Continents can be enlarged though a click, displaying the countries in more detail.
A click of the animal/landmark will reproduce its sound or name. Once all the continents have been visited all of the information previously shown will disappear and a new part of the game will unfold:
The names of the continents and the various seas will be displayed in random order at the bottom of the page and the child will match them in the right position, earning  points based on the speed of their answer, incorrect placement will lead to a deduction of points. The same procedure is to the repeated for the remaining topics (animals and landmarks). Eventually the user will earn a badge or trophy based on the score achieved.


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